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Matthew baker


What are the symptoms of corneal edema?

I doubt myself that I may get corneal edema, and can u guys tell me what are the symptoms?
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  • Marissa


    Corneal edema is a condition that swelling cornea. And this swelling is caused by damages to the interior lining of the cornea. This damage can be caused from eye surgery, overuse of contact lenses, glaucoma or endothelial disorders etc. If you don’t have the above experiences, it shall not be corneal edema. And people suffered from corneal edema can experience symptoms such as blurred vision or rainbow effect etc. But even if you have blurred vision, you cannot say you have corneal edema. So, if you guess you suffered from corneal edema, you’d better make sure it by an eye doctor.
  • Arianna griffin


    People suffered from corneal edema may experience decreased vision, blurred vision and redness in the eyes. Also, some people with corneal edema can see rainbow-colored halos around the lighted objects. But if you have decreased vision or blurred vision, you can’t say you have corneal edema because there are many factors that can contribute those vision problems.

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