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Does hay fever affect my eyes?

It is said that hay fever can absolutely affect my eyes, is that true? What causes that?
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  • Ryan warren


    It is difficult to say if hay fever can affect your eyes. But you have the possibility to suffer from eye problems from hay fever. Hay fever is a type of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. And the most common symptoms of hay fever are runny nose and sneezing. Besides, somepeople may suffer from watery and itchy eyes. Still, swollen eyelids may happen for some people. So, it is really troublesome to suffer from hay fever. So, ask a help from a doctor in case you got hay fever.
  • Mike


    Hay fever can bring many different symptoms to people depend on each person. But for most of people, they will suffer from runny nose and itchy eyes. This is reason why that people say hay fever can affect the eyes. Besides, hay fever can also cause cough, watery eyes, sinus pressure and facial pain. In addition, some people even suffered from itchy throat, loss of your sense of smell, as well as headaches etc. So, you shall treat the hay fever immediately no matter you suffered eye problems or not.

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