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What can be done for corneal scarring?

What can be done for corneal scarring?Any ideas?
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  • chicomm


    Corneal scarring is an injury of the cornea of the eyes. And corneal scarring can cause visual impairment. So, if you diagnosed corneal scarring, you shall make an appointment with an eye doctor. Usually, for people got corneal scarring that cause significant vision problems, they are required corneal transplant to restore their vision.
  • Cassidy bell


    First of all,u need to calm down and u should get to know that this disease is really very common.It is no big deal,just a kind of eye infection and it can be totally prevented if u take proper measures.U need to try to avoid sharing those things with others such as eye makeup,towel,eye drops,contact solutions and so on.If u share these things with others,it will be very possible that ur situation may just get worse.