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Angelica giles


Can eye allergies cause pink eye?

I am told that eye allergies can usually cause pink eyes, is that true?
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  • Jason


    Pink eyes are usually caused by bacterial infections. Also, come inflammation can also cause pink eyes that make the eyes appear red. Pink eyes caused by bacteria is contagious by directly contact. And people my got pink eyes result from eye allergies. However, it is not contagious if you suffered from pink eyes from allergies. Nevertheless, you’d better treat your pink eyes immediately. And antibiotic eye drops are recommended.
  • christraper


    It is possible to get pink eyes from eye allergies. As we know pink eyes are inflammation of the eyes. As far as I know, Via bacteria, virus and allergy can develop to pink eyes. Anyway, there is meaningless to discuss if allergy cause pink eyes. Find the proper treatment for the pink eyes is the emergency you shall do. you can apply a cold compress first to help you reduce the redness and itchiness in the eyes. Then consult your eye doctor.

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