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Can cataracts affect peripheral vision?

People say that cataracts can definitely cause peripheral vision. Can I believe this?
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  • christy9589


    So far, I never heard that cataracts can cause peripheral vision. For my knowledge, it is glaucoma that causes the loss of peripheral vision. Nevertheless, cataracts is a bad disease for the eyes that can cause blurred vision, light sensitivity and halos around lights etc. So, even if cataracts can’t cause peripheral vision, you shall treat it once you detected cataracts.
  • William clive


    As far as I know, the loss of peripheral vision is caused by glaucoma not cataracts. And people suffered from glaucoma will experience pain in the eyes. But cataracts are painless in the eyes. However, it is still troublesome to have cataracts. People suffered from cataracts may experience blurred vision, changes in eyewear prescription, double vision and impaired night vision etc. So, if you have cataracts, treat it immediately no matter it affect peripheral vision or not.