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Can a punch on the eye cause strabismus?

I was diagnosed with strabismus and may need surgery. My left eye is fine, but my right eye turn outward. I remember someone gave me a black eye in middle school. Is it possible that a punch cause strabismus?
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  • hall


    Probably yes. Strabismus can be caused by many reasons. It happens because long time unequal pulling of muscles at one side of the eye, or even an ocular muscle paralysis. So I guess someone punched you hard enough and caused damage to the eye muscle which may result in strabismus.
  • cthier


    It is possible for a punch in the eye to cause strabismus. A hard punch could trap the muscle in the bone and prevent that eye from moving correctly and eventually cause strabismus.
  • erinpoo130


    Maybe not. Strabismus can be caused by many reasons which you may not realize.
  • Makayla


    strabismus can be caused by many reasons. The punch on your eye may cause damage to your eye, which may affect your eye work normally. So the injury in the eye may cause strabismus. When you get injury in your eye, you should go to see your doctor and have your eye treated immediately in case it cause some other serious problems.
  • walfor


    I think your strabismus is caused by some other factors. You can ask your doctor to give you a careful eye exam and find out the exact reason that cause your strabismus so that it can be treated effectively.

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