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David Felker


How long does it usually take to cure strabismus by vision therapy?

I am 16 year old with strabismus. and I would like to know how long does it usually take to cure strabismus by vision therapy. Would an eye patch work?
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  • Dan P


    16 is not too old. Neurobiologist Susan Barry fixed it at 40 years old. I would find an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy who also has an open mind about surgery. Like others have said it all depends what type of strabismus you have.
  • candylndsuicide


    Eye patch or therapy won't work at your age. In my opinion, you should take surgery into count, which will cure your eye problem very soon, for several hours. Hope this can help you.
  • enigma_g


    There are different types of strabismus which may need different types of vision therapy. So you'd better find a developmental optometrist who specializes in strabismus and let him check your eyes. Then he will know which type of vision therapy can treat your strabismus.
  • Gillian


    Vision therapy is suitable for children under 12 because the brain is still elastic. It may not work at your age. The most efficient way is to have strabismus surgery.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    It should depend on types of strabismus you have and how your brain can make to each type. The best way is to find a developmental optometrist that specializes in strabismus, and have your vision evaluated.

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