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Katelyn owen


Can a child with amblyopia see better with glasses on?

My child has got amblyopia. I want to get a pair of glasses for her to help her see better. Will glasses really help with amblyopia?
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  • Katie


    You can improve your vision a little by wearing glasses, but not much helpful. Amblyopia is not refractive error like myopia and can't be corrected by glasses. You may wear eye patch to strengthen the weaker eye.
  • Benjamin gary


    Glasses may help people with amblyopia see better, but it can't correct your vision to 20/20. Sometimes you may also see blurry image with glasses on because your brain is unable to interpret the clear image. So some vision therapies may help you make your weak eye stronger. I think you can combine glasses with vision therapy, which may help you treat your amblyopia.
  • Myra Taylor


    If you also have myopia with amblyopia, wearing glasses can give you better vision. But your vision still can't reach 20/20 due to amblyopia. Then you may need to wear eye patch or get other vision therapy to treat amblyopia.

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