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Can swimming goggles be made with very strong prescription?

I want to buy a pair of prescription swimming goggles, but I have really unusually prescription. R Sph +6.0, Cyl -6.0, axis 60 L Sph +5.0 , Cyl -6.0, axis 80. Can I have swimming goggles in my prescription?
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    Of course you can even if you have a strong prescription. You must go to the optical to have customised swimming goggles that fit you properly. The lab technicians have the ability to do this for you.
  • Jocelyn


    It is possible to make the swimming goggles with your prescription. Any optical store can do this for you as long as you give them your prescription. And they will make the swimming goggles with your own prscription so that it can fit you well.
  • Ryan warren


    Yes. It is quite possible to buy swimming goggles that can be glazed with your own prescription. But geneally the lenses in swimming goggles are much bigger than regular lenses, if you have strong prescription, the lenses have to be quite thick. So you can go to your nearby optical store and have a ask.
  • cnpriest


    Yes. As you are farsighted with astigmatism, the lenses have to be thick in the middle and thin in the edge. So I think there should not be much problem in making goggles in your prescription. Just take your prescription with you to nearby optical store.