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Can you tell me the different types of strabismus?

The doctor diagnosed me as strabismus. He tell me there are several types of strabismus and I am one of them. But he don't tell me what are they. Is there anybody know?
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  • Mort


    There are different types of strabismus. According to the direction of the eye misalignment, strabismus can be classified as esotropia, exotropia, hypotropia, and hypertropia. Esotropia means that one eye turns inward. If one eye turns outward, it is called exotropia. Hypertropia means one eye turns upward and hypotropia means one eye turns down.
  • Christian


    Strabismus can be classified congenital and acquired according to the time when you get it. If you are born with strabismus, it is called congenital. If it develops in adults, then it is called acquired.
  • Alissa


    Strabismus is a physical disorder in which the two eyes are improperly aligned with each other. This eye problem has several forms of appearance. With one eye moving regularly, the other eye may point in, out, up or down. These four conditions are respectively called cross eye, exotropia, hypertropia and hypotropia. Yet there are still some forms that are unspecified, e.g. microtropia, esophoria and exophoria.