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Hunter rose


Is it possible to have blurry vision after yoga?

I get blurry vision after doing some yoga. Is this normal? Can someone tell me why?
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  • Melissa garcia


    It is not normal to have the blurry eyes vision after do some yoga. When you do the exercise, your body will increase the temperature. The so hot body temperature will cause the bacterium in the eyes move fiercely. That is why you get the blurry vision. Your eyes may get the infection. You'd better use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • b3li3ve


    Yes, it is possible to have blurry vision after yoga. It may be caused by insufficient supply of oxygen or some insufficiency of optical nerve. If you want to avoid blurry vision, you can bath your eyes at the sink after you have showered and change after class. Moreover, you can try some artificial teas. Don't give too much pressure to your eyes.
  • Nat


    Ok, it seems that you would like to play yoga as your hobby. And there are a lot of different acts in yoga, sometimes some acts are really demanding to your body, sometimes you will be required to hold breath for some time, it all depends, perhaps some acts would give you blurry vision, or if you work too hard, you are also likely to get blurry eyes. Just try to pay attention to your yoga training, and your balanced diet.

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