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Christopher dale


How to wear jewelry with glasses?

I am nearsighted and need eyeglasses for vision aids. But now i want to wear some jewelry for a party. Any idea? How to wear jewelry with glasses for a good look?
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  • John clark


    If you want to have the good look at the party, I strongly suggest you to wear the contact lenses which will be convenient to wear and useful to see things clearly. Then you could just wear the favorite jewelry as you like. If you have to wear your glasses, you could just wear the jewelry as the common way. However, you could wear the white necklace which will show the great character as that of eyeglass.
  • Melissa


    Eh, I'd like to recommend you to wear contact lenses, especially colored contact lenses which can easily to help change your appearance and be much safer than wearing eyeglasses on a party. But if you insist on wearing glasses on a party, then you should pay attention to the color and shape of your jewelry and glasses. Well, in my views, if your glasses are ground, then avoid wearing round and deep color jewelry. Second, don't wear purple glasses and red jewelry at the same time. It's never fashion and bright. By the way, if your skin is deep, then bright color and brief shape may be your best choice. On the contrary, you'd better wear tangy red jewelry which is really hot and sexy.
  • Lex


    Ok, it seems that you want to make yourself more attractive through wearing jewelry and want to get rid of those glasses. Anyway, there are some tips for you,currently there are some nice and awesome eyeglasses available, which could make you cool and nice, called cat eye glasses, which are sexy and beautiful, they could be compatible with your jewelry. Or you might as well try some contact lenses for a short period of time, they could make you free from framed glasses.
  • Roiwe


    If you like bold necklaces, keep the earrings to a minimum. Once again, keep your look harmonious. If you have fun funky glasses, you will be able to pull off clunky jewelry. Fine jewelry, works best with the rimless types frames.

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