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Isabel fergus


Can iron deficiency cause dark under eye circles?

What causes the dark under circles? Is it caused by iron deficiency?
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  • fergus


    It is true that those dark circles would definitely affect our looks and confidence. As a matter of fact, our health consists of a lot of nutrition and vitamins, including iron, without it, we tend to grow dark circles under our eyes. Also, a lack of iron would give rise to other several problems, such as the color of your eyes, would grow blue, which is not a good sign. Anyway, try to keep a healthy diet ok?
  • Jerry H.


    Yeah, when you woke up in the morning and found there are some dark circles under your eyes, you will guess it is caused by lack of sleep, and then you can use some makeup to hide them. However, when you found the dark circles all day along, I think you must find the bottom of the problem, including the underlying nutritional deficiency. According to the expert, one common cause of dark circles under the eyes is iron-deficient anemia. As we all know that when we take in some iron, which will bring oxygen to our cells around the eyes. If your iron level falls too low, you will get many symptoms, including the dark circles under the eyes. If so, you can get some iron from the eggs and beans, besides, the dark leafy green vegetables and soya products f course can help you with the iron deficiency. Hope my answers and suggestion can help you.
  • Nathan harris


    The dark under circles could be caused by the lack of good sleep. It could also be caused by the tiredness or the bad blood pressure. Iron is the component of hemoglobin which is in the oxygen transportation and storage. As the iron storage, it can not meet the needs of normal red blood cell formation. Then it will cause anemia which is called iron deficiency anemia. If you lack iron for about 3-5 months, you will get this disease. However, the dark under circles could be caused by the iron deficiency. If you lack the iron in your body, you will have many symptoms for your body. If the children lack iron, they may love crying, bad sleep, wake up often, listlessness, anorexia piddle growth, retardation, often dizziness, insomnia, the cold and so on. However, if the women lack the iron in the body, they will get pale at the face. Their immune system will be weak, often getting cold. They may be prone to oral ulcer. Thus, you'd better not let yourself get the iron deficiency.

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