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When can i exercise after lasik surgery?

After having a lasik surgery, how long can i take eye exercise? Any idea?
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  • Jose joyce


    You had better restart soft exercise in one month and don't have any tough exercise during six months after the LASIK eye surgery. During the first three days, you would feel mild pain and discomfort, at the same time. You would feel your eyes are watery. And you would be sensitive to light and have blurred vision during the first week. After one month, your eyes wouldn't be that dry and not difficult to see objects at night. That is to say, your eyes' functionality can be recovery basically. You can do some soft exercise to strength your eye health. LASIK eye surgery is permanent, but your eyes may change naturally with time, and it doesn't prevent presbyopia.
  • walkwithmir


    Normally, you can not exercise until 2 weeks after lasik surgery. Just do not forget not to make up and do eye massage in 4 weeks. Your visual will be recovered in general in 2 weeks to 1 months. And it will spend about three months for completely stable. You can not see the light, and when you are outside, you had better wear sunglasses. You should pay attention to watch the television and computer in reasonable time. Within 2 weeks after the operation, when you take a shower, shampoo, wash your face, you need take care and do not splash the dirty water into eyes, and not to force a wink and rub your eyes. there is no special requirement about your diet.


    Well, it all depends on what kind of sports you play. Generally speaking, you can have the exercise three days after the Lasik surgery. But you should also know that there are still some things you should pay attention to. For example, if your sport is boxing, martial arts, wrestling, or another sport with a big chance of getting hit in the eye, I will not suggest you to do. Besides, you should Hold off for two weeks from spending time in Jacuzzis, playing water polo, or swimming just about anywhere. In my opinion, you'd better go and console with your doctor, just take some exam about your eyes. And then you can judge if you are suitable to take exercise or not.