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Edward White


Can pink eye spread through objects?

I know that pink eyes are contagious. How pink eyes transmit to others. Can pink eyes spread through some objects? Any idea?
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  • Ethan edward


    Well, yes, pink eyes are contagious. So they can spread through many ways, such as water, especially in the pool water. So just be careful about it. Also, you can just ask the eye doctor who can tell what to do to prevent it. By the way, you should know that Bacterial (staph or strep), usually from hand-to-eye contact, and viral infections associated with a cold, sore throat, cold sore or measles, are causes for most conjunctivitis. When it occurs, your eyes will be red, bloodshot, itchy. In some cases, discharges may occur too.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    So it is true that pink eyes would be quite contagious through direct contact with the things that the patients have touched. Besides, you should keep a distance from the patient until he recovers. Anyway, you have to be careful, on the other hand, the patient has to be careful not to contaminate other things, and keep his hands or stuff clean.
  • emale2222


    Yes, the pink eyes are contagious which can be spread through some objects. The commonly known pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis which is also called outbreak. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation which is a highly infectious eye disease. Therefore, the prevention of green eye is also to prevent other infectious diseases. You must seize destroy source of infection and cut off the transmission way. At the same time, you should improve your body resistance. Healthy people can get the pink eyes through the contact with pollution of towel, washbasin, eye drops, the bus armrest doorknob, faucet telephone, karaoke books and shake hands with patients. You could also get the pink eyes by dancing, embracing and kissing with other infected people. You should better wash your hands and avoid touch the things that people with pink eyes.