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Brook Park


Will sinus infection cause eye problems?

I got sinus recently. And I got the dry eye too. I want to know what caused my dry eye. Will sinus infection cause any eye problems?
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  • walkn0nsunshine


    I had an experience relating to sinus linked with dry eye. My dry eye problem erupted suddenly. I usually stayed in the controlled temperature which is 22 Centigrade, but outside it was 44 C. It was cool in room while hot outside. Under such circumstances, I developed a headache followed by dry eye for a few days later. If I sit in an air-conditioned room I feel uncomfortable with headache and sort of drying feeling in the nose. I got the sinus infection in this way. Both sinus and dry eyes also drains my energies and weakens my responses. If sinus is treated, dry eye problem will reduce.
  • miguel gaytan


    I think there must be some correlations. One day, I woke up to find that my eyes felt dry, red and irritated. I go to see my eye doctor on my way to school. He told me I had sinus infection. So as to your sufferings, I recommend you to see both an ent and an ophthalmologist. If it is possible, you can try to get a restasis and topical steroids. I think the sinus infection may cause eye problems such as dry eye. You can also get on a drug like restasis which can help with your problems. Good luck!

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