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Why do my eyes hurt after being on the computer ?

I have to work on a computer for all day long. My eyes are hurt recently. Why do my eyes hurt after being on the computer? How to solve this problem?
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  • Alexander


    Dear friend, I have the similar problem with you. My employer is very kind, she suggest me to take regular breaks to rest my eyes. I am told that if there is florescent lighting in the office, eye ache may happen if it lights the computer screne. I also suggest you to go to the optition as you may need glasses at the same time. You can choose a pair of glasses that can protect your eyes from the computer reflection.
  • Chenely


    It happened to me too! I suggest you to get an eye exam. There are glasses specifically for computer workers. You can choose a pair of computer glasses to prevent reflection and reduce glare. Walmart usually has reasonably priced glasses. The glasses sold by Firmoo are very cheap too. We have one set of irreplaceable eyes, so we should treat them like gold. Will you agree with me? You can also rest your eyes and look away when you are taking a break.

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