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Where can I get glasses that protect your eyes from the computer glare?

Where can I find glasses which can protect me from computer glare? I have a bad vision.
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  • Caleb murphy


    You can get any computer glasses with anti-glare coating on the lenses from any optical stores around you or online. The anti reflective coating of computer glasses eliminates the reflection of light from both the front and back of the lenses, which means the eyes do not have to work so hard and focusing becomes easier.The anti-glare coating on computer glasses will also reduce problems caused by harsh office lighting and boost contrast, which is often lacking on computer screens and is another factor that causes eye strain as they struggle to focus accurately.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Don't waste your money.Glasses that claim to save you from computer glare are just a scam. Glare is what happens on your lenses if you are wearing glasses. It is the reflections from the screen on your lenses that is glare. There are no rays coming from monitors that we need protection from either. Those are just scare tactics used by those companies to sell those glasses with an anti reflection coating , that do nothing at all. An anti reflection coating is great to have on the lenses for those who have to wear glasses at the computer , but to have it on plain, non prescription lenses is a scam
  • edward


    There is no glare coming from LCD monitors.