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Is there any manufacturer makes polarized glasses without any tint?

Does anyone knows where and if it is possible to get no tint polarized lenses?
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  • Alexia gerard


    All people make lenses know that it is not technically possible to make no-tint polarized. But you can try the polarizing filter which works in such a way. When it is tinted the tint only affects light in one particular meridian. Therefore, you can have the polarizing filter, but without adding tint it will not dim light in any meridian. As you add tint, the tint only affects light travelling through the filter in a specific meridian.
  • April


    The Iodine crystals in the polarized film are aligned in parallel rows like a venetian blind to block light one direction. This is why you cannot have a clear polarizer. If the crystals were clear, they could not do their job blocking light in a specific direction.
  • commentsforme


    I've never seen polarized glasses without tint!!!!!!!!!!!!!