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How to clean hard contact lenses properly?

I have bought a pair of hard contact lenses. This is the first time i wear contact lenses. Can you tell me how to clean hard contact lenses properly? Is it the same way as i clean soft contact lenses?
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  • Joan


    Well, of course, the cleaning way is different from soft contacts. You should know that hard contact lenses are made of a very fine material called polymethylmethacrylat. Hard contact lenses aren't usually as moist either because the water content is much lower than the material the soft contact lenses are made of. For the cleaning steps, whenever you handle your contact lenses, you should wash your hands, or it can lead to eye infection. And then, you should apply a few drops of the lens cleaner on the lens. Typically two to three drops will be sufficient. Of course, you should leave the lens cleaner on for about 30 seconds before you start rinsing. Rinsing the contact lenses with the lukewarm water for another 10-15 seconds is essential. Finally, you need to put them back into the special lens case and continue by filling the case with the appropriate conditioning solution.
  • Samuel rodney


    It is true that there are some advantages of those hard contacts, however, it takes more time to take care of them after use each time. Here my advice for you is to get some contacts solution especially designed for hard contacts, and try to wash your contacts on a daily basis. Of course they way to clean soft contacts could be applied to hard ones.
  • Daniel christian


    You just need the contact lenses box and solution. You should wash your hands clearly in the first place. Then you put the contact lenses on the hands and put some solution to clean them. You could use the fingers to rub them. Then you put them in the box with solution. The way is just like that of the soft contact lenses.
  • Pilar Rentoul


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