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Can glasses with anti-glare coating cause double vision?

I just bought a pair of glasses with anti-glare coating. But when I started to use them, I always found faint shadows beneath bright objects. I don't have the problem in my old lenses without anti-glare coating.
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  • Calvin


    Your double vision may have nothing to do with the anti-glare coating. You should go back to your doctor to have an eye check to see whether you have got astigmatism. Astigmatism can cause double vision.
  • misty C.


    It should not be the anti-glare coating that cause double vision.It may be the lenses which your eyes are not used to.
  • Victor


    If you have astigmatism,the double vision may be caused by the axis off by a few degrees on the cylinder power. You may need a recheck of your prescription glasses.