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Is it common for your eyes to feel pricking after using eye drops for allergies?

My eyes are really painful after putting eye drops for allergies cuz my eyes were red and irritated. I had to wash them and then feel better. Is it normal to feel pricking?
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  • Gabriella


    Before you use eye drops for your allergies, you must check the expiration date. The eye drops which are out of date would make your eyes feel really pricking. And then you should throw them away. It is normal for your eyes to feel pricking when you put eye drops in the first few seconds, but it should go away very quickly. If it lasts for a long time, you should go to see an doctor.
  • Edward White


    It is normal to feel pricking but it only lasts for seconds and the pain is endurable. If the pain lasts for a long time, you should stop use it and go back to your doctor.
  • walkamong123


    Yes,it is quite normal when you first use it.