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Can macular degeneration be caused by cataract surgery?

I heard somebody talk about cataract surgery and macular degeneration. I have mild cataract, too. So i wonder what the relationship between macular degeneration and cataract surgery? Can cataract surgery cause macular degeneration?
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  • Alexander


    Well, cataract surgery can not lead to macular degeneration, so you do not lead to worry about it. Under normal circumstances, successful cataract surgery should improve vision within a few days after the procedure. For the treatments of macular degeneration, high levels of vitamin D may be able to prevent or slow the process of macular degeneration. For example, you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil.
  • Benjamin gary


    Ok, I can see that you are worried about your eye health. So, as you can see, cataract and macular degeneration are both serious eye problems, which could make you suffer a loss of vision. So, cataract surgery could give rise to macular degeneration, because they are interconnected. However, more often than not, macular degeneration is resulted from aging and some diseases with your body. So, you should be careful and if anything wrong happens, try to get a medical exam.
  • Chelsey


    Yes, the not good cataract surgery could cause macular degeneration which you should take great notice. Cataract is a kind of disease which is occurred in the eye lens. Any lens of turbidity can be called Cataract. When lens opacity is lighter, it will affect vision. If the cataract is not treated well, it may cause other big problems in eyes. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly for the macular area structure of the aging change. The performance of the retinal pigment epithelium cells at outside plate film ingest function decline. It does not digest plate membrane. The residual body retention in the basement of the cells in the blade and the cells of the effluent form a glass membrane wart. The secondary pathological changes will lead to macular degeneration. The macular area and long-term chronic light are damaged. Thus, you'd better protect the eyes carefully after the cataract surgery.
  • Austin gerard


    It is not unusual for an older individual with cataract to develop a Macular Degeneration. because cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. Cataracts that significantly interfere with vision can be surgically removed. While cataract surgery cannot improve the vision loss due to retinal degeneration, it can alleviate the added loss caused by the cataract, Whether or not surgery improves the vision often depends on the extent of retinal changes. Because surgery is not advised for everyone, it is important to discuss the details of your individual case with an eye care professional.