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Logan quick


Have you ever heard of bifocal sunglasses?

Have you ever heard of bifocal sunglasses? What are they used for?
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  • Kelly gary


    If you like reading outdoor while suffering presbyopia and nearsightedness or farsightedness at the same time, bifocal reading glasses are generally superior to single vision reading glasses because they can do a great job in providing vision correction and protect you against harmful UV rays.
  • Melissa


    It is easy to interpret that the two basic elements of bifocal sunglasses are vision correction and UV protection. Being in an outdoor environment, these two elements are to some degrees equally important. Achieving good performance during sports or cycling depends highly on appropriate vision correction. But protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays is also important.
  • Adam


    Bifocal sunglasses are the right choice for presbyopic patients who still like to participate in outdoor activities or sports. Vision correction and UV protection are equally important for them.
  • Brooke


    Yes. Bifocal sunglasses are used for both vision correction and UV protection. They can help people who get nearsightedness and presbyopia see clearly when they are outside and also protect them from harmful UV rays.