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Sara nelson


Why do i get swollen eyes after flying?

When i take off the plane, i find i get swollen eyes. What causes it?
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  • Paige williams


    When you take off the plane, your eye pressure will be increased suddenly. You will suffer the sudden change in the eye nerves and eye pressure. That is why you get the swollen eyes suddenly. This symptom could be released for a little after your eye pressure calms down. You could also have the good rest for the eyes these days.
  • Angelica giles


    Taking a plane would not lead to swollen eyes, but if you tried to wear contact lenses, things could be different, that would make your eyes swollen. If not, I think there might be some other causes, so you had better go to examine your eyes. Perhaps it is just a temporary problem.
  • Elijah leslie


    Well, it can be possible to have swollen eyes after you take off the plane. As we know that when you take off the plane, because of the gravity, it can just affect your eyes, leading to bloodshot eyes, even swollen eyes. Also, of course, it is likely to have swollen eyes when someone has eye infection. In other words, when your eyes have been infected by irritants, your eyes can be itchy. In some cases, it can lead to swollen eyes. For your situation, the swollen eyes may disappear by itself. If it still exists, I will suggest you drop some eye drops, and it can be effective to the symptom. And having some cucumber under your eyes for a long time, maybe that can relieve your symptom too.

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