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Is pink eyes bad for pregnant women?

Is it very bad to suffer pink eyes during pregnancy? Any treatment?
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  • Jade


    Well, as you can see, it would not be wise choice for you to take in pills or take an injection during pregnancy. And as a matter of fact, pink eyes would make you suffer and feel uncomfortable. Thus, for the time being, what should you do is just to get some antibiotic eye drops to deal with your problems, try not to take any pill or injection, that would leave damage to your baby. Or just try to consult a professional doctor.
  • walkingrain


    Yes, it is very bad to suffer pink eyes during pregnant. When you get pregnant, you will find that your eye pressure is high and your eyes are easily dry. The pink eyes could not be treated with medicine which will irritate your pregnant state. Thus, you will have to suffer the painful feeling and just use the eyes in a proper way to let them recover by themselves.
  • emptybot


    Actually, it is bad for you to suffer pink eyes during pregnant. You should deal with it promptly. If you are experiencing symptoms of pink eye during pregnancy, you need to be evaluated by a physician. He or she will be able to determine what type of pink eye you have contracted and prescribe antibiotics, if necessary.

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