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I accidently weed killer sprayed in eyes, what can i do ?

I feel so bad because weed killer got into my eyes accidentally. Is it very dangerous to eyes? What can i do now?
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  • vincent


    OK,I Can see that you have carelessly got some weed killer into your eyes, which could be damaging to your weak eyes because those weed killer would be very irritative to your eyes, causing impair of your eyes and infections. So, what you need to do right now is to flush your eyes with salty water, then head to an eye clinic for treatment, because that is so serious, home remedies help nothing.
  • lova


    It is very dangerous for the weed killer to spray in your eyes by accident. You'd better use the clean water to wash the eyes. You should wash it carefully until you feel nothing in the eyes. Then you should check in front of the mirror to find. At last, you could use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable at home. If you still don't feel comfortable, you could go to see the doctor.

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