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Can too much protein damage my eyes?

Is too much protein bad for eyes? Does anyone know?
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  • chocolateeeee


    Too much protein is a signal of inflammation in the eyes. Because when eyes are infected with disease germs and inflamed, on one hand,glandulae tarsales are stimulated to secrete grease so that the fat in the eyes is getting more. On the other hand, when the blood vessels in the eyes expand, leukocytes in the blood gather to kill the intrusive germs, in this way, the residue of pathogens and leukocytes enter the eye protein, which leads to the increasing number of protein. Therefore, when someone suffers from trachoma or subconjunctival inflammation, protein increases.
  • Aaron may


    Yep, it could cause some problems. Firstly, it cause retinal vein occlusion if you intake high volume of protein during your diet. It is a condition of the eyes due to high fat intake, including pork, beet and other meats. Fatty foods can lead to a blockage of the blood vessel of your retina to lead to loss of vision. On the other side, arcus senilis is often associated with a high-protein diet to increase fat intake. It would cause a white circle around the cornea to cause discoloration of the eye. Therefore, you should have a well-balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables, lean meat, instead of high-protein diet to avoid excess protein to damage your eyes.

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