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Do blunt bangs look good with glasses?

i want a new hair style and am wondering if the blunt band will look good on me when i wear glasses.
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  • evilbunny1369


    As my personal opinion, I love blunt band very much, especially the new hair style's blunt band. I can tell you a little secret, the blunt band will give your the appearance that would make people seem younger than the actual age. Blunt band matches glasses will give you a cool and cute feeling. However, the frame of the glasses may be a little bright colored, the black or dark colored glasses will give you a depressing inflexible impression to the people around you. Some decoration on your glasses would be recommended also to match your new fashion style hair cut. So, now you know how to deal with your hair style and the glasses! Have fun!
  • edward


    Well, as a matter of fact, you must know, almost all men are interested in blondes, especially those who have blunt bangs. Personally speaking , you should not wear glasses while having a blunt band. However, if you insist, I can only recommend to you that you should wear glasses of big frames, in that way, you will appear to be much more sexy. Hope you find my tip useful.
  • Wen


    Yes, Blunt bangs look great with glasses but don't get bangs that so long they get stuck under the glasses. Try some a bit shorter so they don't go under the glasses and even show a little of the brows, which is hotter anyway. It's a really cute look!!

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