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Alexa joyce


Do straight bangs look good with glasses?

Do these bangs look good with framed glasses? What's your opinion?
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  • lova


    Well, it seems that you have got straight bangs. As a matter of fact, a lot of people around me really admire those who have straight bangs, for they are pretty and gorgeous, feminine. However, in my opinion, they are not to be accompanied by framed glasses, instead, their best partner would be contact lenses, which is able to assist with your vision without affecting your looks, why not?
  • craziblondi36


    Congratulation to you! People have straight bangs are lovable.My girlfriend with straight bangs looks extraordinarily good with framed glasses.We can test if we realize to consider every components of the look separately and with the others. The components conclude firstly your natural hair volume,direction and lines,secondly size and style of the framed glasses,trirdly your facial shape.After testing every components,you'll find bangs look good with glasses.