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Jean Caster


Does lime juice help pink eye

Does lime juice work for pink eyes? What benefits does lime juice have on pink eyes?
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  • Robert Lipman


    No, in fact, it does not work on pink eye. As we all known, pink eye is one most common eye problem that is caused by a virus or bacteria. It would go away after one week. Lime juice does not helpful for curing pink eye, even it could irritate your eyes and cause pain because of its acids ingredient. In order to treat pink eye, you should always clean and keep your hands clean thus not spread the pink eye to the other eye or people, not to rub your eyes as well. And you should drop some eye drops based on the eye doctor's advice.
  • elderoo


    Well, of course, lime juice can work for pink eyes. As we know that pink eye is an irritating eye condition that results when a membrane of the eye becomes inflamed or infected. So when you get pink eyes, the white part of the infected eye turns pink, or red, because of an inflammation of the small blood vessels. For the treatment of pink eyes, many people will choose to use lime juice. Lime juice is rich in vitamins and it can relieve the blood vessels. So you can have a try. Also, mixture combines tea bags, honey and a small amount of salt will be useful. And the mixture of distilled water and apple cider vinegar also can relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis.

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