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Can new glasses cause eye strain?

I got new glasses and sometimes i feel relaxed when taking my new glasses off? Can my new glasses lead to eye strain?
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  • elblancodiablo


    Yes, the new glasses may cause the eye strain. As we know, the new glasses are made with right design in almost every part. You could feel intense at the nose muscle because of the right nose pad. You could adjust it by yourself. If you don't want to do it by yourself, you could go to the eyeglasses store and let the client do it for you.
  • williams


    Well, yes, new glasses can lead to eye strain. Generally speaking, it is very normal for many people to have this kind of symptom. Many people have to take a couple of days to adjust to the new glasses, or it can lead to eye strain. To adjust to the new glasses, there are some tips you can follow. For example, you can wear your new prescription when you get home. Remember that you'd better not drive or ride with your new glasses, for the motion of the car may increase your sense of vertigo. Also, the added trial of trying to focus on objects as they move may cause a headache as well as eye strain. That is why many people will feel eye strain, when they first wear glasses while driving. Besides, you should take some time for your eyes to have a rest. Foe example, if the strain on your eyes becomes painful, you should take off your new glasses. And then you can close your eyes for a few minutes to allow the muscles to relax. By doing this, I think it will make your eyes feel better.
  • Yammy


    It seems normal. After all your eyes are used to straining to focus and now they don't have to. They are being retrained. Just take them on and off until you are more used to them. This won't happen for all time.

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