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How long does eye strain last after lasik?

I just took a lasik surgery. Now, i feel a little eye strain. Can you tell how long does it take to relieve my eye strain?
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    After the lasik surgery, your eyes may get some side effects. You could find that there is the eye strain for you. You could protect your eyes carefully by keeping the good diet and good sleep. Usually you will get relieve from the eye strain after the lasik surgery about a week. During this time, you should not smoke or drink which will stimulate your eye nerves. You could also not use the computer too much every day.
  • Michael?


    An eye strain is resulted from the lasting impacts on your eyes as well as overuse of your eyes. Generally speaking, it requires some eye drops and some changes to your living habits,try to comply with what the doctor says and if lucky enough, it would take about one week before you are recovered. Try to give your eyes more rest and have a healthier diet.
  • Faith


    As a matter of fact, it's a quite normal situation to feel a little strain after an lasik surgery, the only difference is the degree varies from person to person. And i am sure the symptom will relieve after 5 to 10 days at most if you observe several tips as below. Above all, you have to wear a pair of quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the radiation and sunlight. Secondly, you are supposed to relax and rest your eyes as much as possible. Thirdly, you'd better not do some fierce exercise especially of swimming for first week after lasik eye surgery. And when you take a bath, do prevent the water or any soap getting into your eyes. In addition, a tea bag which has been immersed in boiling water for several minutes will help reduce eye strain. Finally, take some eye examines as you feel strange. If you follow above tips, you can obviously see the changes soon. Thanks for consulting.