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Logan quick


Do poppers cause eye problems?

Can poppers possibly lead to some eye problems? How can prevent it?
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  • charger101


    During festival, especially spring festival, we can see poppers everywhere. Mostly, poppers can not lead eye problems. Except that you are watching it very closely or there is a bit of proppers splashed into your eyes. So, keep watch proppers at least 3 meters away to protect your safety, and see a doctor immediately if propers fragment splashed into your eyes.
  • Ana clive


    I am not sure if there are any damages to eyes because of using poppers. But i read online that keep using poppers can damage our heath. Some people suffer visual disturbances continued. Besides, people using too much poppers are also contribute the risks of contracting HIV, Colfax told Reuters Health. So, to keep health, you shall try to reduce the usage of poppers if it is not necessary.
  • Katelyn smith


    All right, it seems that you are worried about the possibility that poppers might damage your eyes. Actually, from my perspective, poppers would not damage your eyes if you play with them carefully and cautiously. And, their glares would not harm you, so take it easy. If you are still worried, try to get some eye shield for help when you play with them.
  • walkingaround


    Yes, poppers does cause many eye problems including blurred vision, sore eyes, and even vision loss. When you opened the bottle of poppers, the vapors from it are inhaled by you and makes a rush in you. But that's temporary. It is reported that some patients have damages on their the foveal receptor which is a small part of your rectina helps to detailed images. You can avoid your eyes from being touched by the vapor or replace poppers with other drugs.