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What is your favorite eye color?

I plan to buy a pair of colored contact lenses. So, i am here so ask some ideas. What eye color good charming for you? Any suggestion?
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  • Ryan warren


    Personally speaking, I love blue eyes most, no matter the eyes of males or females. Blue eyes are like blue diamonds shinning and charming and hooking human's soul. It is not me whose favorite color of eyes is blue. According to a world wide research, blue is the most attractive colour of eyes. This research was conducted by a famous manufactureror of color contacts named "FreshLook One Day Colour". One of the research turns out that the blue eyes of the super sexy star Angelina Jolie are the most appealing colour for people who are 18-24 years old. The other result of this research is that young people whose eyes are blue color are in general regarded as being more flirtatious, sexy and kind. And of the respondents in this research, one quarter said that blue is their most wanted colour when they choose to wear coloured contact lenses to change their eye colour temporarily. On the other hand, the research points out that green is the second popular color of eyes because green eyes are regarded as mysterious and creative.
  • griffin


    As a matter of fact, this question is sometimes subjective. The answer is various from person to person. Because there are so many colored eyes in the world, people always choose according to their personal likes and dislikes. In my own opinion, i think black eye color is more charming for me. Cause black means mystery and unknown, which has the fatal attraction to the woman. Therefore, it's recommended you can try a pair of black contact lenses, maybe it seems great.
  • Heather Kirk


    Personally, I prefer purple. I think purple eyes are mysterious and noble. Eyes are the doorway for someone's soul. You see how important it is to choose the right window glasses color? The color of one's eyes impress others at first sight. Here are the different impression on different eye colors. 1.Green. If you have a fair or brown skin, you can choose green. Green lenses make you vibrant and cute. Your eyes will as deep as refined emeralds.But beware to wear them in proper place, otherwise you may be seen as odd. 2.Blue. Blue senses make you an innocent and gorgeous blond. It is the color of the sky and the sea.Think of all the blond models, stars, celebrities and whoever is blond. This time you can choose to be a blue eye angel yourself. 3.Purple Purple eyes are as mysterious and crystal as amethyst. It can also be as deep as the velvet dark night with shining stars. 4.Black It is the color of the universe and the black pearl. Wearing black lenses makes your eyes a black hole, tempting people to look inside and explore in it. Anyway, it's up to you.