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How long does a vitrectomy surgery take?

Is there anyone who has experience of doing vitrectomy surgery? How long does it take for a vitrectomy surgery?
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  • cheergirl024


    Vitrectomy is also known as glass cutting operation which is a kind of through the observation system lighting vitrectomy. System operation system in the anterior chamber in glass body is done on the cavity retinal former retinal lower intraocular space operation. The operation methods include vitrectomy antibiotics lavage eye. When it is necessary, it also can be associated with retinal photocoagulation, electric coagulation, condensing intraocular gas or silicone oil filling. Usually the vitrectomy surgery will take you about half an hour. After the surgery, you should protect your eyes carefully from the diet and other points. You should better not drink or smoke. Thus, your eyes could get recovery soon.
  • Cristina aarora


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  • croatia_diary


    Well, it seems that you have to take that vitrectomy surgery because of something wrong with your eyes. Anyway, it is one of the most complicated problems that we might suffer. So, it depends on your specific situation and the hospital you choose. But generally speaking, it would take about 4 to 10 hours, based on a lot of factors. Just take it easy, they would apply anesthetic to help you.
  • Elvis Presley


    As a matter of fact, the most important factor to decide how long it will take after a vitrectomy surgery is the stuff filled in vitreous chamber. Normally, they are gas,silicone oil or saline water. For the first situation, the time is relatively longer because it spend a long period of time for gas in being absorbed, which usually is 1 to 2 moths.For the rest, it takes just 2 weeks or so to recover partial vision. However, no matter what kind of stuff you get, the essential tips is prevent your frail eyes from infection, which can lead to extensive damage. Accordingly, see a doctor to make sure nothing is strange at regular time, and you will see the changes soon.

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