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Hunter jackson


Can eye trauma cause cataracts?

I heard that eye trauma can cause cataracts. Is that true? Why?
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  • hall


    Well, yes, eye trauma can lead to cataracts. As we know that cataracts occur when there is a buildup of protein in the lens that makes it cloudy. In that way, it will just prevent light from passing clearly through the lens, causing some loss of vision. And there are many kinds of cataracts, such as age-related cataracts, or others. But on the other hand, there is an also traumatic cataract, which is caused by eye trauma. By the way, other factors that can increase a person's risk of developing cataracts include cigarette smoke, air pollution, and heavy alcohol consumption. So just pay more attention to it.
  • Kevin lee


    From what I know, it is absolutely true that eye trauma could give rise to a lot of serious consequences, including cataract because it directly impair your vision system and your eyes. really terrible though. So, you need to take care of your eyes and have some professional treatment even surgery in the hospital before it is too late.
  • charles


    Yes, the eye trauma can cause the cataracts. Cataract is a kind of disease occurred in the eye lens inside. Any lens of turbidity can be called Cataract. When lens opacity is lighter, it will not appreciably affect vision. Once you have the cataract, you should accept the treatment as soon as possible. You should protect your eyes carefully.