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Minaxi Patel


Does lenscrafters accept vsp?

I broke down my optical glasses and need a new pair. Does lenscrafters accept vsp? If not, what insurance do they take?
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  • Alexander green


    I see that VSP isn't listed on Lenscrafters website. But LensCrafters accept most of vision insurance plans. they signs that they will help you you understand your options, from savings on eyeglasses and contact lenses to coverage on your annual eye exams with the Independent Doctors of Optometry. Besides, you can still get a 25% bad discount on complete frame/lens with your own insurance. So, you still can save money from buying eyeglasses from lenscrafters.
  • Melissa garcia


    Usually private doctors will take VSP. But I am not sure whether lenscrafters will take VSP. However, you can enter the lenscrafters website to get more information. Even if they don;t accept VSP, you can still get eyeglasses there with lower price because they will offer a 25% discount for out-of-network insurances. Anyway, just check with lenscrafters by yourself. Good luck!