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Angela green


What are the red lines in your eyes?

What are the red lines in your eyes? Do they indicate any sickness of your eyes?
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  • etherealfreak


    Sometimes, we may see red lines in our eyes. Those are arteries and veins. They appear in our eyes usually because of lack of sleep. Besides, using types of different drugs and lacking of oxygen can also cause the red lines in our eyes. So, if you want to keep good and bright eyes, you must keep enough and good sleep as well as regular rest when you are working with computer or learning from books.
  • Alexia


    It is very normal that your eyes have red lines, because there are blood vessels in eyes. When you lack of sleep, the vessels will fill with blood, your eyes may have red lines. Of course, some people's blood vessels are thicker than others. If you want these red lines to disappear quickly, you should have enough rest, and relieve eye fatigue. Enough sleep helps to moisturize the yes and reduce red lines.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    There are arteries and veins. People who often don't have enough time to sleep may suffer red lines in the eyes. Some types of drugs can also cause red lines in the eyes. Once there is a lack of oxygen in the eye, you will get red lines in your eye, too. So red lines in the eye can be caused by many factors. You should go to see a doctor if you suffer red lines in your eye suddenly.