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How to clean foggy eyeglasses?

My distance glasses always get foggy and cloudy. How can I clean them?
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  • fergus


    it is easy, eyeglasses get foggy because of steam or water. Just use a soft cloth to wipe it out from the lenses. If you want to prevent your eyeglasses from foggy and cloudy, you'd better keep far away from high temperature places. Also, i heard that there is a type of coating for eyeglasses that can stop the lenses from foggy. You may consult an optician in glasses shop.
  • walfor


    First, rinse both sides of your eyeglasses lenses under warm water. Second, make the a microfiber rag wet with warm water and drop a small amount of mild dish soap on the rag. Then, use the rag to wipe both sides of the lenses in a circular motion gently. Finally, dry the lenses with the another dry and clean rag. In this way, your eyeglasses are less likely to get foggy and cloudy.