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Why do i have blurry vision after looking at sun?

I get blurry vision after looking at sun. Is it normal? Why?
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  • equine_world


    Well, it is so unwise for you to stare at the sun for such a long time. Because as you can see, there are a lot of harmful lights that are so strong in sunshine, which could do great damage to your eyes, and perhaps your eyes are burned now. So, you have to see a doctor, and get some eye drops to use. Do what the doctor asks, and try to take some vitamin pills. Try to rest your eyes from time to time and do not commit the same stupid mistake again.
  • Mona


    It is the strong sunlight that stimulates your eyes which cause your blurry vision. Your eyes nerves will be tired at the strong sunlight. You could also find that your eyes may get infection and become red. You should better wear the sunglasses when you are out to protect your eyes from the direct sun lights and uv rays.