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Justin williams


Does astigmatism cause myopia?

I have mild astigmatism. I hears that people with astigmatism usually have myopia. So, I worrry about it. Can astigmatism cause myopia?
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  • Dylan duncan


    It is normal that astigmatism occurs with myopia or hyperopia. For example, I, myself, have astigmatism and myopia. But it doesn't mean that astigmatism causes myopia. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are refractive errors. The main cause of refractive errors is related to genes, so there is a popular saying that parents with refractive errors are very likely to give the errors to their child. As to myopia, the light travels through cornea and get focused in front of the rear of eyeball; and as to astigmatism, the curvature is uneven, so that two focal points fall in tow different locations, resulted in blurry vision. If you are worried about myopia and astigmatism, I think you should go to visit the eptometrist to have a new pair of glasses prescribed. Because both myopia and astigmatism could cause blurry vision, so people might complain that their glasses number is not correct.Maybe in this situation, we should take astigmatism into consideration. You can try to improve your vision by eye exercises and eye massages.
  • Faith fergus


    Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred, which has two types-regular and irregular. Astigmatism also has some symptoms, such as headaches, squinting, asthenopia, fatigue, even blurry vision. According to its signs, we can easily find out that myopia may be due to astigmatism. When you occur such conditions, you can take some remedies to make up for your myopia and astigmatism, for instance, wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses, even receive refractive surgery. All in all, not astigmatism can cause myopia, but also some bad reading habits are also causes of myopia. Plus, eating some fresh fruits and drinking some tea, especially black tea which are good to bright eyes.