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What to do if my eyelashes are falling out?

I noticed that my eyelashes always fall out in those days. What should i do now to stop it?
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  • gary


    Well, generally speaking, there are many people whose eyelashes are falling out. So you do not need to be too worried about it. There are also many reasons which can lead to the falling out. For example, some cosmetic products, such as mascara and eye make-up, can be the allergy to them, and then, it can make your eyelashes fall out. So you should change these cosmetic products. Also, to treat it, you can just stop using them. Maybe you can also use some black seed oil applied on your eyes, in that way, it may reduce the falling out. Anyway, just go and see the doctor.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    You may lack some kind of vitamin in your body. You should keep notice of your diet. In addition, you could also adopt some medical treatment to prevent the eyelashes to fall again. During this time, you should not drink or smoke which could stimulate your skin around the eyes. You should have the good rest to keep the balance in body.
  • Erin rupert


    Well, it sounds bad that your eyelashes keep falling recently, which could make your eyes less attractive. If your eyelashes continue to fall, perhaps there is something wrong with your hair follicle, maybe it is infected,which gave rise to your problem. Or there might be other problems with your eyes. I suggest that you go to get an eye exam to see what happened.

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