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Blanca C.


What are good contact lenses for sensitive eyes?

Since my eyes are sensitive, I feel uncomfortable with old contact lenses. I want to buy new contacts. Does anyone who has similar problems before recommend some good contact lenses for me?
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  • Sue Livingston


    Many reasons can lead to the sensitive eyes including dust, smoke, and lacking of oxygen to the eye surface, allergies, eyelid abnormalities and inability to produce adequate lubrication. The lack of oxygen is a big problem for wearing contact lenses. So choosing a pair of high penetration of oxygen will be a kind of solution. I recommend you the RGP or redid gas permeable contact lenses. These lenses are well known as they are high oxygen permeable. The rigid lenses are made of chemically inert material. The special material of the lenses can allow you getting rid of the sensitivity.
  • Johane


    You should go to the hospital for examination. We are basically the same, the doctor have recommended "quotproclear" to me, which Is dedicated to sensitive eyes. And the nursing liquid is also very important, "quotaosept" is for sensitive eyes. Our eyes can be more sensitive than others, so we must pay attention to the eye protection.
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