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What are symptoms of eye allergy during spring?

Many people get eye allergies around springtime, so do I. my eyes are itchy and irritated. It is not pink eye. Are my problems is a symptom of eye allergy? What can I do to treat them?
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  • covenmasters


    The most common symptoms of eye allergy during spring is watery eyes, itchy eyes and get dark circles under the eyes. As we know, trees star to bloom and the pollen gets airborne in spring. But seldom people realize that allergy sufferers begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing each year. Some bacterium can be spread by air that cause may spring allergy including eye allergy.
  • Bridget C


    Usually, people who got the eye allergy may be affected the conjunctivitis. Experts suggest this kind of patients to go to hospital for a detailed check. In the spring, some people feel eye itchy and irritated. Sometimes they will drop tears continuously. Their eye looks red and scared to see the light. However, when fall is coming, these symptoms will disappear slowly. The character of eye allergy mainly happens both spring and summer. It has obvious seasonality. Generally speaking, the conjunctivitis in the spring is related to the allergic factors like pollen, etc, especially for children, adolescents and males. To some extent, you don't need to worry too much. Keep relax and pay attention to your personal hygiene. Vegetables, vitamins and fresh fruits are benefited to your eyes.
  • Colleen


    Itchy, red, tearing eyes are the symptoms of eye allergy symptoms. You can use some eye drops to deal with your eye allergy. During spring, many people get eye allergies, if your problems are very serious and have not treated, you had better see a doctor and get your eyes fully checked.