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Mariah shelley


Are black nerd glasses in style in 2012?

I find many guys including many celebs wear nerd glasses. Are they popular in 2012. Will I look nerdy with them?
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  • Alissa


    Since you can see so many celebs wear nerd glasses that already indicate nerd glasses are popular. You know, celebs always play an important part of fashion. In fact, they often lead the fashion. So, follow their style of dress will make you always in fashion. Now, you can not only saw celebs wear nerd glasses, but also can find many people in street wearing black nerd glasses. So, they are popular in this year.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    Go to the street to have a look. We can easily find many guys who are wearing black nerd glasses. So from which, it is not difficult for us to get the conclusion that the black nerd glassed are indeed in the styles of 2012. However, not the most fashionable one is the best one for you. Even the same glasses, when you wearing, maybe what you look like is totally different. Different people, different glasses. Choose your right glasses. Have your style of own,dear!

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