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Is blocked tear ducts hereditary?

I heard somebody said that blocked tear ducts is hereditary. Is that true? If so, is there any way to prevent it?
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  • Sara


    Some blocked tear ducts are not hereditary. They are caused by the after period development. As we know, many people with blocked tear ducts will do the surgery to get cured. However, there are many ways to help the blocked tear ducts by using massage and compress. If you want to prevent it, you should prevent the eyes problems like eyes infection and so on. You should keep the good habit of using eyes. You should not use the computers for a long time with no rest. You could also use the eye drops to clear the eyes often which will prevent the blocked tear ducts to the most degree. You'd better eat more vegetables which contain large number of vitamin C and A to moisture the eyes.
  • Benjamin gary


    No, it is not correct. Many babies are suffering from blocked tear duct because it can be congenital, instead of hereditary. Lubricating tears produced by glands in eyelids usually travel from the inner corner of eyes down to the duct into nose. As to blocked tear duct patients, some point at the channel got blocked so the tears can't be drained out. it causes watering eyes, and builds up infection at the inner corner of eyes. Most babies get this blocked tear duct because the duct is not fully developed or the membrane of duct is not breakthrough when they were born. Technically there is no way to prevent it, because it is congenital. There are two points you can do to help. First of all, you can drop breast milk into baby's eyes, to help control the infection to reduce the worrying icky pus. Secondly, it is also recommended by pediatricians that massage under the eyes could help unblock the duct, but it seems that babies don't like it. About 80% of infants with blocked tear duct can break through the blockage.
  • Austin


    Well, yes, blocked tear duct can be hereditary. In common, there are some people, who are born with it. As we know that blocked tear duct, is a result of an improperly formed tear duct that obstructs the tear drainage system. Generally speaking, the tear duct drains tears from the eye to the inside of the nose. And you should know that if the duct cannot drain the tears, they have nowhere to go and may collect in the eye, leading to irritation. Some symptoms can include tears pooling in the eyes or draining down the eyelid and cheeks, discharge from the eye. Treatment for a blocked tear duct is usually simple and may include massaging the tear duct or antibiotics if an infection is present. Also, surgery may be essential in some degree.

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