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How to care for my colored contacts?

I used to wear contacts in the past, and one week ago I bought a pair of colored contacts to beautify my eyes. I wonder if there are any difference between maintain ordinary contacts and colored ones? How to care for colored contacts correctly?
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  • Ethan walker


    The basic care for colored contacts include cleaning ,rinsing ,disinfecting and storage .Make sure that your hands are clean and dry before handling the lenses. Drop some solution on them and use your index finger rub it gently for about 15 times . Then wash them with several drops of solution . Use fresh no-rub multipurpose solution to disinfect your lenses with. They can be completely disinfected after dunking in the solution for over 4 hours . Store your colored contacts in a lens case with screw-on lids. Remember not to swap colored contacts with anyone, even if the lenses do not have a prescription grade.
  • Austin


    Actually there is no much difference between maintaining ordinary contacts and colored ones. To reduce the risk of getting infected to your eyes, do a good clean job and replace the solution regularly.
  • Catherine williams


    First of all, you should use a no-rub multipurpose solution to clean and store your colored lenses because rubing can damage the color. Then get a contact lens case and fill it with fresh solution. Place your colored lenses in it for overnight. Be sure to replace the solution every time you use it. Finally, before you wear your colored contacts, you should rinse both sides of them.
  • Benson Dubois


    Caring for colored contatcs is exactly the same as that for the regular contacts. The only thing you must know is that you should use a no-rub multipurpose solution to clean and store the colored contacts.