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Makayla raphael


How to remove the annoying reflections from edge of glasses?

I recently got my new glasses. They're great except that I can always see reflections of lights above and below the lenses. Are the frames causing this or something else? Is there anyway to remove it?
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  • Brandon


    It sounds like the lens has an internal reflection. You should take them back to the store you bought them and have them fixed. If they can't be fixed, you can return them. You must explain the effect of your glasses to the staff at the store and show them the problem. Then they will understand and allow you to return them.
  • Michael?anderson


    Maybe you haven't got used to them. Keep them for a long time, then the reflections will disappear. I ever got rimless glasses with edges polished. At first, I found lots of reflections that was annoying. But now I never noticed it again.
  • Dylan


    Well, it may be because the edge of the lenses is not polished very well. If it is still in guarantee, you may return it for replacement. Or you can add anti-glare coating and it may reduce the amount of reflections.

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