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What are the side effects of monovision lasik?

My father wanted to get monovision lasik to correct his presbyopia. But I don't want him to. What are the side effects of monovision lasik?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    Monovision LASIK is considered by experts of Natural Vision Education as foolish. The two eyes of a person are just like two arms or legs. They work together and maintain good balance. Receiving a monovision LASIK will permanently break this balance and coordination between two eyes. It is widely known that monovision contact lenses are not suitable for all presbyopic patients. Some of them can never get adjusted to these lenses. This is the reason why an eligibility test is necessary before fitting monovision contact lenses. Monovision LASIK involves permanent corneal reshaping and is much more risky in the long run.
  • Savannah taylor


    Monovision can cause imbalance or anisometropia of both eyes. With monovision, you may have reduced depth perception unless corrective lenses are used to fully correct the myopic eye. You may also find that night vision is a bit more difficult and that headlights flare into rings.
  • Melissa garcia


    The side effects might be blurry vision for distance or reading, glare and halos at night, poor vision when driving at night, reduced depth perception, and an uncomfortable feeling. However, these side effects tend to decrease gradually as you adapt to your new vision.

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